Minute Taking

We minute all types of meetings in whatever format required.  We also produce minutes from recordings.

Minute Taking Training

Heather Davies, owner of HMSS, does minute taking courses throughout the year. These courses cover everything you need to know to draft professional minutes. In-house training is available on request.

Verbatim Transcriptions

We provide verbatim transcriptions of recordings, disciplinary hearings, Q&A sessions and interviews from all audio file types. Salient point minutes can also be drafted from recordings.

Board Support Services

HMSS can provide basic board support (agendas, packs, declarations of interest etc.).

Conference Reports / Rapporteur Services

A team of minute takers can be utilised to meet all your conference requirements. We are fully equipped to handle numerous breakaway sessions and to provide both a detailed report of the outcomes of the conference as well as minutes / notes of breakaway sessions.

Our Process


Phone or email us an enquiry.


Send us a meeting request.


Meetings will be entered into our calendar and a minute taker assigned. Terms and conditions will be agreed and committed to in writing in the form of an MoU.


A minute taker will be assigned to you. Where possible we try to match the minute taker to the client according to his/her industry experience.  We will endeavour to keep the same minute taker on the same meetings for consistency, however should a specific minute taker not be available, we will ensure that another minute taker is assigned to your meeting.


The client is requested to provide an agenda and copy of the previous set of minutes as well as a board pack and/or papers to be discussed at the meeting.


All meetings will be recorded to assist the minute taker in drafting the minutes.  Once the board/committee has approved  the minutes and the chairman has signed them as a true reflection of the meeting, recordings will be deleted.  Recordings are made to assist minute takers to draft an accurate set of minutes.  Recordings will, however, be made available to clients on request.


You will receive an electronic draft of the minutes within ten working days from the meeting or as arranged.


The minute taker will attend the meeting and compile the minutes off site after the meeting.

Forgot to invite us to your meeting? No problem, send us the recording and we will draft the minutes for you.

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