How do I arrange a minute taker?

A:  Phone the office to book a minute taker and send a meeting request. 

Q:  Can I book the same minute taker for future meetings?

A:  Yes. We try to ensure the same minute taker attends your meetings for continuity. 

Q:  If my assigned minute taker is not available for any reason, will you provide another?

A:  Yes. We will ensure there is a minute taker at your meeting no matter what.

Q:  What if my meeting date changes?

A: Please inform the office as soon as you become aware of any changes to avoid late cancellation penalties.

Q:  How long will I have to wait for my minutes?

A:  One to two weeks or as agreed between the parties

Q:  Do you offer any other company secretarial services?

A:  We offer limited board support as we have a number of competent Company Secretaries in our team.

Q:  What about confidentiality?

A:  All minute takers sign an agreement with HMSS which includes a strict confidentiality clause.  HMSS in turn signs an agreement with clients.

Q:  Will you adapt your minute taking to my requirements (e.g. more / less detail or layout requirements)?

A:  Yes, we aim to please and to make your life easier.

Q:  Will you record the meeting?

A:  Yes we will record the meeting for our purposes.  Should you not wish the meeting recorded, we will send a minute taker who can take notes in shorthand. A copy of the recording will be made available on request. 

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